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6-10-2010 - Version 3.1 is now available, it does not add any new UFO/EU functionality, but it does add TFTD editing functionality.  Every function available in UFO/EU is available in TFTD now.  This is the last version for a while, as the next version will have executable/game editing ability.  Check the message boards if you want to participate in the beta testing of the next version.  Please let me know if you encounter any issues.


5-27-2010 - Version 3.0 is out and available to the left in executable and installer flavors.  If you are having problems with the program not working, then please use the installer, otherwise I would say that the executable version is the best option.  I do plan on making this website a bit more enjoyable to look at, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  The project is also open source, so the source link to the left for source will link you to the project.  I would love to have some help with the project. 


The next iteration of X-Com Hack will have TFTD support for everything that X-Com Hack has for UFO/EU.  Please let me know if you encounter any issues.  Thanks.


8-6-2005 - So, my first version of my .exe editor is available. You can download it here. I'm pretty proud of it.

4-26-2005 - No new update, just put a link to the message board on Thanks for all the kind e-mails.

4-18-2005 - Fixed the problem with the .zip file for version 2.5. Thanks for letting me know about it.

4-4-2005 - Alright, so I've finally updated this. Sorry for taking so long, I had to reformat and just never reinstalled VB6. It's all alright now though. I just did some minor bugfixing. The "empty file(unitref.dat)" error is no more. I haven't been able to add any new features as I haven't been able to figure much new out. My hacking info is now available on this server as it seems that xcomufo will not be able to host it anymore. Thanks a lot to everyone who e-mailed me about this program, you are the reason I fixed this up. THANKS.

9-1-2004 - I've been asked to port this to TFTD a few times and I guess the time has come to do it. It's going to be on the lower end of the updates as I was never a huge fan of the sequels. But here is version 1.0 of my TFTD hacker. I apologize for the extremely stripped down version it is, it's just that they slightly changed a lot of things so I have to go and figure how to change my code. The alien containment editor will be next as all it takes is some renaming. Of course if you run into any bugs please let me know and I'll try my best to fix them up.

8-29-2004 - I've fixed a few bugs, so the new version is 2.45. It's still downloadable with the same name as 2.4 but it should have a 2.45 executable. The big bug I fixed was with names having random extra characters, this was because of how X-Com's code works. I figured out how to remove this bug and did so. So now Soldiers, Bases and Save game names should have no extra characters. Hope you like it.

8-24-2004 - It's been a WEEK?! It actually seems like it's been much longer. I attribute this delay to my other project (still X-Com related however). My other project is an in depth look at all the save game files from X-Com: UFO Defense CE. A lot of the files I don't understand but the ones I do are heavily documented on my other website: I want this thing to get full so if anyone has any more info than I do, I'd like to hear about it. Version 2.4 adds of this program adds the ability to automatically win a mission by killing all the aliens or stunning them. Yes, you might recognize this from XCOMUTIL. Scott helped me on this one and I must say thank you. Now it's windows format. Enjoy.

8-17-2004 - Uh oh, it's been five days. I apologize for the long wait, more long waits are ahead. You can hold DOOM3 responsible as I'm pretty much addicted. I thought I'd update the program with an Alien Containment editor and so I did. I also added base numbers to the soldier and craft editors so you can see what base each is in. So without further ado here is version 2.3.

8-12-2004 - Version 2.2 is up, it has a Craft Editor. It's mostly just an addition to version 2.1, obviously I've just decided to put up the "huge update" in pieces. I'm starting to get more info on files so I'm going to be adding those things to the program. Feel free to e-mail me with a request for anything.

8-10-2004 - Following the pace, version 2.1 is up. It has a soldier editor and it also fixed a few bugs. Version 2.0 source is up as well. I'm planning on a huge update for the next version. I may just put it up piece by piece as my time allows. Let me know what you think of the new version. Also, I've put up a program I wrote to help me compare .dat files so I could see what changes and where. It's pretty self explainatory.

8-8-2004 - Alright, the next version is here. It's going to be version 2.0 because I've added about twice as much. I'm almost done with Alien Containment but it's not done quite the same. If anyone is using Collector's Edition and has a sectopod or cyberdisc alive, I'd love you forever and of course thank you in the next version. Please give me feedback on this as I want to hear if anything is broken. I'm leaving version 1 up just in case there's something terribly wrong with version 2. Also, if anyone would like to design a better website, that would be awesome as well. I just did this quickly because I'm just trying to get this program out.

8-6-2004 - Well, here it is. My editor for X-Com: UFO Defense. You can also download the text file I used to help me write this program. I'll try to do something better with this page in the future. I'll be making the source for this version available with the release of the next version.